"Silver" Upgrade Package

This is a package to upgrade your Premium Inkless Pack into a "Keepsake" Package. The "Silver" Package offers three tiles or coasters, in a size, colour and design of your choice. Prices from £21.50...

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  • Return Policy: Due to the personalised nature of the product we are unable to accept refunds. However, if there is anything that you feel you are unhappy with please do get in touch at info@littleprintskeepsakes.com and we will do our best to rectify the situation for you.


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3 Tiles or Coasters of your choice 

Gift Boxes for each Keepsake

*Prices start at £21.50*


You will now have taken your little one's prints but are now thinking you would like to get something made. See all our packages in the shop. This one includes three tiles or coasters.

The prints upon purchase of this package need to be e-mailed or posted back to us in the envelope supplied. Please e-mail us for your pre paid postage label. Then enclose the prints along with your order form specifying your requirements. 

Once received the grey images will magically be transformed into your chosen colours and design and the finished tile sent back to you in approx 2 weeks. We will confirm receipt of your prints and send the artwork to you to check you are happy before printing. Any smudges that might happen on the paper you don't have to worry about as you can leave that all to us to tidy up.

The completed tile will be presented in its own gift box tied with ribbon.

Please note bundles including more tiles are available in the shop. These are good value for those who wish to purchase further tiles as gifts for Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or Godparents for example.


To check the size of tile required we recommend drawing the tile size on a piece of paper and just resting your child's hand of foot on the drawing to check for scale. If you can bear in mind the positioning, for example if you choose a Flamingo there must look like there will be enough space for the neck and head and the long legs for example. Please note if your little ones hands or feet are bigger than this tile size we can shrink the print slightly to fit. All these options will be on your order form that comes with you inkless print kit.


This item will be sent out First Class with Royal Mail.

Due to the personalised nature of this product we cannot accept returns on this item, however should there be a fault or issue with the item please contact us at info@littleprintskeepsakes and we will will make sure we do our best to put any issues right for you.